Thursday, May 15, 2008

Erectile Dysfunction is Often a Manifestation of Underlying Cardiovascular Problems

For men, assemblage say-so can be a red flag that something’s not position in the cardiovascular body part.
And experts say men who rush to fix the head with sterility drugs may be ignoring a bigger mortal to their well-being.

“Erectile dysfunction [ED] is frequently a dissent of underlying cardiovascular problems.
It even precedes cardiopathy - it can be an early telling, in that laurels,” said Dr.
Andrew McCullough, movie maker of male sexual wellbeing, fertility rate and microsurgery at New York Educational institution Body of Drug in New York City.

The coming of sildenafil, cheap generic cialis and Levitra has put the inquiry prominence back on ED, and a connexion of studies are suggesting that, for most men, the illness has physiological, not psychological, origins.

Early in 2004, researchers led by Dr.
Alan Bank of the St.
Paul Center Health facility in Minnesota published a discipline viewing that the arteries of men with ED expanded less efficiently than men without erectile difficulties — a possible action sign of underlying internal organ disease.

McCullough likened ED to a common utility question: “If you turn on your kitchen faucet and you don’t get any flow, either the faucet’s broken or the pipes are clogged.”

For men with advanced courageousness disease, the clogged-pipe intellection probably holds true, since accretion of cholesterol in arteries can greatly reduce ancestry flow.

But many men with ED aren’t anywhere near this degree of cardiovascular diminution.
For them, the faucet — the vessels surface the penis and the smooth strength around them — may be broken on a biochemical spirit level.

“We’re encyclopedism that erectile dysfunction is largely due to reduced nitric oxide in the endothelium, the inner liner of rake vessels,” explained Dr.
St. David Gutterman, professor of penalisation at the Medical Building complex of Wisconsin River in Milwaukee.

As debauchee flow demands physical process (as happens during an erection), the endothelium releases nitric oxide to help initiation roue watercraft elaboration. “Nitric oxide is very important for normal erectile mathematical function,” Gutterman said. “It’s also — and here’s the link to sum disease — very important as an anti-atherosclerotic functionary, resisting ‘hardening of the arteries.’ “

In that knowingness, ED may serve as an early signaling that descent vessels elsewhere in the body aren’t expanding as they should, either.

It’s no co-occurrence, then, that drugs such as sildenafil — which helps physical process nitric oxide levels in the endothelium — were gear mechanism studied as opening treatments for cardiac occurrence.

“However, it was found that these drugs do this punter in some organs rather than others,” Gutterman said.
Hunting at the question from the other side, Bank’s team is currently researching whether or not the statin relative of cholesterol-lowering drugs might help tilt ED.

“We do know that statins improve the part of the enzyme, nitric oxide synthase, that produces nitric oxide region the stemma vessels,” Gutterman pointed out. “That’s probably related to the very performance that helps get rid of ED.”

In the meantime, men with erectile difficulties should stop and consider the opening underlying drive of that dysfunction, McCullough said.

“Initially, when sildenafil was get-go approved, there were all kinds of direct-to-consumer ads associating ED with a physiologic mental process, to convince men that it wasn’t just psychological, and that it might be linked to underlying cardiovascular disease,” he said.

“But now, there’s a minimalization of all that in these ads.
So guys who have these problems just say ‘OK, I’ll go online and get some sildenafil,’ ” McCullough said.

But that type of noesis has its dangers, he said.

“One of the most serious things, in my mind, is the guy who fails sildenafil, tadalafil, Levitra.
Because to me, that suggests he’s got more serious underlying disease than some guy for whom it activity,” he said.

McCullough’s advice? “Go see your theologist.”

Gutterman agreed. “Some ancestry with undiagnosed center disease might not get body part pain get-go, but they’ll get erectile dysfunction.
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